My hero academia collab arrives! • blogging mama

My hero academia collab arrives! • blogging mama

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Izuku has been hurt before. He has been torn down time and time again, ripped to shreds, burnt to a crisp. He has been broken beyond belief. Despite choosing different career paths, Hizashi Yamada and Shota Aizawa remain on good terms. Between their jobs and guardian responsibilities, the two still manage to exchange the words of their everyday worries. At least that's how it looks on the outside.

Both of them have secrets of their own but while one of them is only afraid to speak up, the other carries a darker burden.

And the presence of a new justice seeker raises suspicion.


Can one truly return into the light after being held by the shadows for so long? And just how much damage can a child's innocence cause? Nobu Kawajiri a lazy orphan who just so happens to be mute, and have a decent quirk for being a hero. He is going to become a hero, but silently complain. Updates every four days. The title's from the song Beautiful? Keigo Tamaki was a messed up kid from a messed up past.

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Maybe in another life he wouldn't have such a shitty life, but he can't change the past. Heroes are to be strong, to be able to beat down any villains in their path.

Or they have to fierce, to beat fear into any villains they meet. They also have to be tough, to stand tall to show hope to the world. There have many heroes that fit that part, but there is one thing heroes need to be that people has overlooked.Ochaco stops Izuku from hitting the ground. Shota stops Katsuki from attacking Izuku. Izuku knows new faces. Battle Trial Arc Katsuki finds Izuku. Katsuki blasts Izuku. Katsuki and Izuku clash. Izuku uses One For All on the floor above him and Katsuki.

Izuku and Ochaco win the simulation. Arc Izuku's attack is blocked by the Nomu.

my hero academia collab arrives! • blogging mama

Katsuki attacks Kurogiri. Izuku supports All Might. Izuku attacks Kurogiri. Sports Festival Arc Izuku wins the race. Izuku takes one of Shoto's headbands. Hitoshi startles Izuku.

Izuku vs. Izuku talks to Shoto. Izuku presents Ochaco a strategy to beat Katsuki. Izuku and Endeavor talk about Shoto. Izuku gives the battle his all. Izuku and Shoto's powers clash!

Izuku recovers from the match. Izuku's hand injuries. Hero Killer Arc Izuku chooses his hero name, "Deku". Gran Torino takes Deku patrolling.It was uploaded to celebrate SMG4 reaching 2 million subscribers. Thank you all so much for over 2 million subscribers! We got you fans to create your own SMG4 clips and submit it to us Some of you guys are seriously super talented. Here's a collaboration with the best ones!

Mario is walking near the castle, humming happily. Suddenly in confusion, he sees Luigi looking up, seemingly in awe, but concerning worry about something. Mario decides to check it out by looking up as well. In shock, Mario then sees SMG4 on top of the castle, making a big, blue magic ball that sucks in a lot of memes, while a remix of Thomas the Tank Engine is playing in the background.

SMG4 notices Mario watching him, and greets him. Surprised but concerned, Mario asks him what he is doing. SMG4 answers that he's gathering his fan videos for 5 weeks in order to create a new Ssenmodnar for his 2 million subscribers special.

Bob tells him to stop creating the magic ball, commenting that the magic ball will at one point explode, at which Peach agrees on, implying that he is going to destroy the kingdom. SMG4 tells her that the fans worked hard, but before he can finish his sentence, Peach interrupts him, scolding him.

A disappointed SMG4 agrees to stop, but not after the ball turns red and starts making an alarm sound. SMG4 throws the ball at the ground, causing a white explosion, and the intro starts.

SMG4 complements his collab, but fails to notice everyone lying lifeless on the ground, and the fact that The Mushroom Kingdom which is now a rotting wasteland is starting to burn. Kevin and Luke then appear to thank everyone who made their entries and congratulate those whose videos made it into the final video. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Blooper Information. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Viewer discretion is advised!

Overall Episodes 1 to Episode 1: The Cake Is a Lie! Overall Episodes 11 to Overall Episodes 21 to Overall Episodes 31 to Overall Episodes 41 to Overall Episodes 50 to Overall Episodes 60 to Overall Episodes 70 to Overall Episodes 80 to Overall Episodes 90 to Overall Episodes to As the seasons transition from winter into spring, so does my general inspiration.

Instead of looking outside to see bare trees and frost laden dirt, the coming of spring means the trees start to grow green and the flowers bloom all over.

It means the days grow longer as the sun begins to shine earlier and fall later. And most of all it means warmth. But before spring truly sets in, I have to blog about what got me through the winter. Its nice to just be lazy, lying on the couch with blankets and my computer, during the cold snaps of winter.

It gives me time to relax and catch up or binge a lot of anime. And these past two months were especially productive in terms of my personal enjoyment. So, in an attempt to get productive, I decided to write something simple. Not just in a mild manner, but in a way that was completely unexpected.

Or they just made my day in some shape or form. And it goes without say that I will protect each and every one of these until my last breath.

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AuFait PlatonicMother. Her character arc only makes this smile all the more sweeter. We meet her towards the beginning of the Internship Arc where Midoriya and Mirio take to patrolling the streets for villains and whatnot.

Although their meeting merely lasted a few moments, the encounter lit a torrent of fire inside both heroes and they each made it their mission to uncovered what was happening and save this little girl who appeared terrified in the presence of unfamiliar faces.

We later learn that Eri is being used by Overhaul in order to create bullet destroying quirks and that this process is extremely painful for her. Eri does get moments to shine within the next arc as well, seeing as they connect to each other as a breather from the Internship Arc.

Because of her terrible childhood though, she has trouble recovering, even with Mirio and the others always by her side. It does, thankfully, eventually get better.

This panel was especially brilliant as her smile glows with warmth and causes the darkness to flee. It represents her finally making her first official step toward recovery as she smiles for the first time.

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I enjoyed watching her grow as we get to see the beginning of her frail trust in the other heroes and I love her so much.Okay look, I'm just a guy who likes to write, for the people who enjoys it, I appreciate it when you take time to read it and I wouldn't mind having any feed back from you.

I would like for everyone to know that I mostly use my phone to write my stories as I have yet to buy a laptop for it. List of stories I'll write eventually:. I would like to tell you all that some of these stories may not be posted because I may be unhappy with them. I just like writing stories and I know I won't have a schedule for them. Know that I will do my best to try and get my stories out on a reasonable time but I won't make it a promise.

Some of these will be One shots while others may be ongoing stories, Like the Godzilla, pokemon, etc. Some may get a part 2 and another part that will just be smut if enough people ask for it.

I like to try and write wholesome but I'm not opposed to writing smut whenever I'm in the mood for it or if some people would actually like to see me write Smut.

Btw some stories will basically be different chapters on different subjects. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

GoldSage hide bio. Sort: Category. Can a god have some fun, especially when the world itself had already bored him to no end? Then, one day, titles and text boxes started popping up like it was some sort of video game. How will Izuku deal with this newfound power? Rated T for teen mostly because of what comes out of Bakugou's and All Might's mouths. Seals are Easy, People are Hard by slythefoxx2 reviews Naruto's reaction to his isolation is different from canon.

How will Konoha deal with a Seal Master Jinchuuriki with muted affect and a perverted streak a mile wide? Request on story with your pairing! NEWS: Chapters have started up again! When told he couldn't be a hero without a quirk, young genius Izuku Midoriya didn't let that stop him from trying.

Slime Hero by The Creator95 reviews Izuku never thought that his life would end so soon, dying before he could become a full fledged hero like All Might. But, this wasn't the end for him. Waking up in a new world, and with a new body; he discovers that his dream of becoming a hero hasn't died just yet.

This time, he'll become the hero and leader that he was always meant to be. With a little bit of help of course. I Will Love You No Matter What by Christopher Nagura reviews Natsu and Happy always kept their true strength in secret, but after a chance encounter with a certain female, they might not need to do so anymore.

my hero academia collab arrives! • blogging mama

Though, one bad day is enough to change ones live, including a certain Dragon Slayer. Fairy Tail has more trouble as a dark guild has declared war with them.

Will they win? Smarter Natsu. OP Natsu and Happy!Okay but the fact that after years without seeing each other and after a massive head injury, countless experimentations and being forced into an entirely different creature, Shouta was still able to reach Oboro and Oboro knew exactly who was calling out to him.

I just. Nothing will ever be the same again. Get ready for love triangles, pining, and sad feels. The fluff is behind us. Bring on the angst. Shouta is a creature of habit, and habit dictates that he must head out onto the rooftop of his fledgling agency to clear his head.

It is by no means a scenic view. None of you could afford a nicer location right out of high school. Yamada and Kayama were delegated to interior design duties on account of being … too much to handle.

Still, this is home for now. A home he is proud of, despite the hand-me-down zebra print furniture and leaky ceilings. Shouta looks up at the sky and huffs a quiet laugh.

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So much changes beneath that sky, and so much more is yet to come. He keeps his hands steady on the railing as he continues to survey the cityscape. A rumbling laugh reverberates behind him. He is not blushing. Not that it does him any good. Keep reading. Read on AO3. Talking to no one is illogical. The vast, clear blue sky stares back at him, cloudless and with the sun shining bright.

The warmth from it spreads across his body. Shouta draws in a deep breath. The school grounds flooded. He looks back down. The sun has made fast work of warming the world up again. His voice is the only one here. I got drenched. Hizashi said I looked like a wet cat.

The kids made fun of me, too. I did fix that leak, though. Read More On AO3. Why do I feel like Mic also gave Shirakumo his hero name? I mean, Loud Cloud? Def something he would come up with.The collab that brings us to — Yo-kai Watch World Collab!

Let me begin with…. Think Pokemon Go, but with Yokai monsters in Japanese and basically Japan-only for the maximum experience. Orb skins were added as part of Version All cards are linked to PDX database. You can also see New Cards section below for skill translations. New for this collab is a quest! All dungeons are 1 floor eachall fixed teams are shown below, and each icon is linked to PDX Database.

Active Skill : For 2 turns, void att. Active Skill : For 1 turn, reduce enemies defense to 0; For 1 turn void damage absorb shield effects 20 20 max CD. Active Skill : For 2 turns, increase combo count by 1; Change left most column to Water orbs, right most column to Dark orbs 16 11 max CD.

Always Pikapika and Tamatama. Still struggling with Japanese. View all posts by Reni. Reni Dec.

Burning Horus Buffed & Returned!

Contents hide. Comes with a special orb skin!

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Published by Reni. Prev 10 Magic Stone Per Roll! Samurai Super Godfest!

my hero academia collab arrives! • blogging mama

Updated with Lineup. Updated with more rewards! Yeah, no Super Awakenings for them. Maybe next time! Super King Metal Dragons. Challenge Lv 10 Fixed teamfirst clear. Challenge Lv 9 Fixed teamfirst clear. Challenge Lv 8 Fixed teamfirst clear. Challenge Lv 7 Fixed teamfirst clear. Challenge Lv 6 Fixed teamfirst clear.